Service Description:

The removebg service removes the background of an image. Utilizing high-end AI technology, our background remover detects the foreground object and automatically separates it from the background. Our algorithm is capable of handling the most diverse use cases, like small jewelry details, human hair, furry segments or any other complex edge types. Whether it's a product for sale, graphical materials for your best campaign or just personal images for fun editing, you will get clear edges with awesome detail preservation.


The recommended composition of an Image, in order to be optimally processed using the "removebg" service, is:

  • less busy background
  • high contrast (background/foreground)
  • background/foreground is distinguishable by naked eye

The foreground should be visually clear, high contrast with relatively sharp edges. The foreground should also be comparably big in the photo. Supported source image formats are JPG, PNG, TIFF and WEBP.


Examples of where the remove background service can be utilized include the following:

  • Animals
  • Products
  • Apparel
  • Person
  • Cars
  • Furniture


  • You have two options for removing the background, either "cutout" or "mask"
  • You can control background color
  • You can control background blur
  • You can control background height and width
  • You have two scaling options, either "fit" or "fill"

Source Image:

If you plan to remove the background several times using different parameters from the list below, we recommend you first upload the source image using the Upload method and then use the reference image ID. Otherwise, you can source the image by providing a file or a URL to an online image.


Requires an API key to be provided in the X-Picsart-API-Key request header.

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