Service Description:

The Image Expansion service offers a groundbreaking functionality designed to enhance digital imagery by enabling users to enlarge any image to specific width and height dimensions. This sophisticated feature not only allows generative resizing but also provides the capability to specify the direction of expansion, ensuring that users have complete control over the final appearance of their images.

This service is engineered to accommodate the need for larger image sizes without compromising on quality. The requirement that the specified width and height dimensions exceed the original image dimensions ensures that users can seamlessly scale their images up to meet various requirements, whether for professional presentations, digital marketing materials, web design, or personal use.

It supports two operational modes:

  • Single Image Mode: Upload one RGBA image. The API enhances the outer area with content based on the prompt parameter.
  • Mask Mode: Provide an RGBA image along with a mask of the same size. The API applies this mask to paint beyond the masked region, using content determined by the prompt parameter.
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