This page lists the best practices and recommendations for the images requiring background removal.

All pictures with a main subject that clearly stands out in the foreground are supported. For example, most snaps of people, gadgets, animals, apparel, vehicles, and other stuff will work just fine.

Our goal is to provide top-notch cutouts for a wide variety of pictures and situations. To achieve the best outcome, here are some cool tips for the next photo session that can be shared with your end users. If you're facing any issues, give us a shout at [email protected].

General tips

  • Contrast: Snaps taken in great lighting conditions with a strong contrast between the subject and the background will give awesome results.

  • Alignment: Make sure to upload pictures with the right orientation. The best outcome is obtained when the picture aligns with gravity (meaning the ground is at the bottom of the image).
  • Plain backgrounds preferred: Blurry and single-colored backgrounds are easier to remove compared to sharp backgrounds packed with lots of details.

  • Clear foreground: If the foreground is blurry, it might not be removed. Even if only the edges are blurry, they'll remain blurry in the cutout, which may or may not be an issue.

Tips for people photos (applicable for animals too)

  • Number of people: Images with one person or a few people tend to work better than pictures with large groups of people.

  • Objects: Small objects held or worn by people (like a basketball) are usually supported, while large objects that stand out can be problematic.

Tips for product photos and other objects

  • Full object visibility: The whole product should be clearly visible in the picture, without any part being cut off.

  • Focus on the object: Take products out of their packaging and place them against a plain background (like a photo studio, wall, or floor).

  • Number of objects: Images with one object tend to work better than pictures with large groups of people.

  • Avoid shadows and reflections: Try to steer clear of harsh shadows, as they can be mistaken for part of the foreground. Also, avoid reflections, especially in the background.

  • No decorations: Don't include decorative objects in the photo. Don't add logos, stamps, or clip-arts to the picture before uploading it.

Tips for car photos

  • Avoid extreme angles: Capture the photo from a natural perspective, approximately at eye level.

  • Unobstructed view: Make sure there's nothing blocking the view of the car from the front.
  • One car at a time: For optimal results, only include one car in each photo. Only the largest visible car will be cut out, while everything else is considered part of the background.