Service Description:
The Replace Background service elevates photo customization to new heights by offering an innovative solution for altering the backdrop of images. Unlike the traditional "Change Background" feature accessed via the /removebg endpoint, where users must provide a specific image to serve as the new background, Replace Background harnesses the power of AI to generate a completely new backdrop based on user descriptions.

In contrast, the /removebg endpoint's "Change Background" function requires a predetermined image to replace the original backdrop. While effective for straightforward substitutions, it lacks the flexibility and creative potential provided by "Replace Background," where the possibilities for your photo's new setting are limited only by your imagination. Whether you're looking to transport your subjects to exotic locales, whimsical landscapes, or bespoke scenarios, "Replace Background" offers a tailored, AI-generated solution for every photo.

With Replace Background, users have the unique opportunity to reimagine their photos by simply submitting an image along with a narrative of the desired background. Our advanced AI algorithms then work to seamlessly integrate a bespoke, contextually appropriate scene behind the subject of the photo. This not only allows for unparalleled personalization but also offers a creative freedom unmatched by conventional methods.

It supports two operational modes:

  • Single Image Mode: Upload one RGBA image. The API enhances the outer area with content based on the prompt parameter.
  • Mask Mode: Provide an RGBA image along with a mask of the same size. The API applies this mask to paint beyond the masked region, using content determined by the prompt parameter.
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