Service Description:
The adjust service applies adjustments to an input image. There are 11 different adjustments in all available. The adjust service can be used with all photo types.

Limitations: Supported source image formats are JPG, PNG, TIFF and WEBP.

Options: Adjustment options include the following:

  • Adjust brightness and/or contrast
  • Adjust clarity and/or saturation
  • Adjust hue and/or shadows
  • Adjust highlights and/or temperature
  • Adjust noise or sharpen the image


  • At least one adjustment setting must be chosen
  • If you choose an adjustment setting value out of the allowed range, the default value of 0 is used instead.

Source Image:
If you plan to apply adjustments multiple times to an image, we recommend you first upload the source image using the Upload method and then use the reference image ID. Otherwise, you can source the image by providing a file or a URL to an online image.

Requires an API key to be provided in the X-Picsart-API-Key request header.

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