Ultra Upscale API

The following code snippet demonstrates the usage of the Ultra Upscale API provided by Picsart. This API allows users to perform an ultra-high-quality upscale of images using a simple HTTP request. By specifying the desired upscale factor, format, and providing the URL of the image, you can retrieve an ultra-upscaled version of the image.

Upscale an image

curl -X 'POST'  
  -H 'accept: application/json'  
  -H 'x-picsart-api-key: <API KEY HERE>'  
  -H 'Content-Type: multipart/form-data'  
  -F 'image_url=https://cdn140.picsart.com/20123007110359038337.png'  
  -F 'upscale_factor=3'  
  -F 'format=PNG'

To perform an ultra-upscale of an image using the Ultra Upscale API, make a POST request to https://api.picsart.io/tools/1.0/upscale/ultra with the following parameters:

  • accept: Set the value to application/json to indicate the desired response format.
  • x-picsart-api-key: Replace with your actual API Key obtained from Picsart.
  • Content-Type: Set the value to multipart/form-data to indicate the request format.
  • image_url: Provide the URL of the image you want to ultra upscale.
  • upscale_factor: Specify the desired upscale factor, such as 3 for an ultra-high-quality upscale.
  • format: Specify the desired format for the resulting image, such as PNG.