Upgrading & Testing

Follow these best practices for a smooth upgrade and testing process of the Picsart Create Editor to ensure optimal functionality and performance.

  1. Check the Releases (includes changelog) to see if an upgrade is required.
  2. Check the details of changes to choose if the new version is preferred.
  3. Apply the instructed changes in your dev/test/stage environment.
  4. Do proper testing.
  5. When issues are discovered, check the Troubleshooting guide. If this doesn't solve the problems, reach out to our Developer Support.
  6. Confirm the integration works properly and there are no degradations.
  7. Release when required.

Important Notes:

  1. Start early with testing alpha and beta versions.
    1. Gain additional time to evaluate changes
    2. Gain more time to organize plan upgrades or additional required payments
    3. Gain a chance to provide early feedback before the feature is stabilized
  2. Certain operations in Picsart Create Editor work with backend processing. Picsart automatically connects the editor with the correct version of the backend and make sure they always stay stable.
  3. You don't need to do an upgrade, unless requested and instructed by Picsart (special force major situations that shall never happen). Picsart serves all versions and won't be taking down without making sure no customer is using those and without advanced notification.