OpenAPI Description

The Picsart Creative APIs are comprehensively described in documents that conform to the OpenAPI standards.

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  • About OpenAPI
  • About Picsart's OpenAPI Documentation
  • Utilizing Picsart's OpenAPI Documentation

About OpenAPI

OpenAPI is a framework for detailing REST API interfaces. It provides a way to present the API's details without needing to delve into the source code or access additional documents. This specification is designed to be readable by both humans and machines. For further details, see the OpenAPI specification documentation.

About Picsart's OpenAPI Documentation

The OpenAPI documentation for Picsart Creative APIs is freely accessible. You can locate this documentation by these links:

Picsart offers OpenAPI descriptions compatible with versions 3.0 and 3.1.

These descriptions are segmented by each product offering, including various Picsart services and platforms, with specific adaptations for each.

The documentation is presented in the bundled formats. The bundled format employs $ref to reference OpenAPI components common across multiple endpoints.

Utilizing Picsart's OpenAPI Documentation

Since the OpenAPI documentation is machine-readable, it enables several practical applications, such as:

  • Generating libraries to streamline the use of the Creative APIs
  • Validating and testing integrations that utilize the Creative APIs
  • Exploring and interacting with the Creative APIs using external tools, including Insomnia or Postman

For instance, Picsart utilizes its OpenAPI documentation to craft SDKs tailored for interacting with the Creative APIs. Furthermore, this documentation aids in generating detailed reference materials for each API endpoint.