Ultra Upscale API

The following code snippet demonstrates the usage of the Ultra Upscale API.

This API allows users to perform an ultra-high-quality upscale of images using a simple HTTP request. By specifying the desired upscale factor, format, and providing the URL of the image, you can retrieve an ultra-upscaled version of the image.

Upscale an image

While this example demonstrates the use of cURL on the command line, you have the option to generate customized code tailored to various programming languages and leading frameworks based on your parameters.

curl -X 'POST'  
  -H 'accept: application/json'  
  -H 'x-picsart-api-key: <API KEY HERE>'  
  -H 'Content-Type: multipart/form-data'  
  -F 'image_url=https://cdn140.picsart.com/20123007110359038337.png'  
  -F 'upscale_factor=3'  
  -F 'format=PNG'

To perform an ultra-upscale of an image using the Ultra Upscale API, make a POST request to https://api.picsart.io/tools/1.0/upscale/ultra with the following parameters:

  • accept: Set the value to application/json to indicate the desired response format.
  • x-picsart-api-key: Replace with your actual API Key obtained from Picsart.
  • Content-Type: Set the value to multipart/form-data to indicate the request format.
  • image_url: Provide the URL of the image you want to ultra upscale.
  • upscale_factor: Specify the desired upscale factor, such as 3 for an ultra-high-quality upscale.
  • format: Specify the desired format for the resulting image, such as PNG.

To learn all the details, options, parameters on how to use the service at its full capacity, visit Ultra Upscale API documentation.

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