Efficiently manage the Picsart Create Editor sessions by using the close method to reset the editor and free up resources.


It is recommended to use the Picsart Create Editor's close method to reset the editor's state and free up memory.


By providing a callback function, you can handle actions when the editor is closed.

PicsartInstance.onClose(() => {
  console.log(“SDK has been closed”)



Closing the editor may be necessary when users switch to a different flow, click outside of the editor popup, or encounter similar scenarios. It is safe to call the close method even if the editor is already closed.

Clear canvas

If you prefer not to close the editor window after exporting an image and simply want to clear the canvas, you can use the clear method.




Alternatively, users can also close the editor from within the editor interface itself. The editor includes a Cancel button, which users can click to close or complete the editing process.