Explore the comprehensive tracking features within the Picsart Create Editor, designed to enhance user experience analysis and performance monitoring.

Meta Info

Every tracked event in the Editor is accompanied by meta information. The following table lists the available meta information:

VersionThe version of the Picsart Create Editor being used.String1.0
PropertyIdThe name of the application and placement.String
PlatformThe platform on which the Picsart Create Editor is running.Stringweb
MarketUsed as a placement or customer ID.Stringweb
TimestampThe time in the LONG number format.Number1628682420220
Session IDA unique identifier for a browsing session.String97524f56
Page URLThe URL of the current page.String
Previous Page URLThe URL of the previous page in the browsing history.String
LanguageThe current language of the navigator or application.Stringen
Lib VersionThe version of the tracking Picsart Create Editor.String1.4.2


Events in the Editor are automatically triggered or generated when users interact with the Editor. The main events and their descriptions are provided in the table below:

Editor OpenThis event is fired whenever the Editor is opened or loaded by the end user.
Item OpenThis event is fired when a user selects an editing tool from the left navigation menu or from the top menu on the canvas. The event includes the name of the tool and its settings as separate parameters. Examples include selecting uploads, shapes, backgrounds, animations, colors, and duplicating elements.
Item ActionThis event is fired when a user performs an action with a subtool. Examples include adding text to the canvas, changing text color, and performing actions from the context menu (e.g., delete or bring to front).
UploadThis event is fired when a user uploads audio, images, or other media files.
Video PreviewThis event is fired when a user previews a video by clicking on the play icon.
Object ExportThis event is fired when a user finishes editing and exports their creation. The event includes information about the tools used on the exported object, as well as details about its size, format, and other relevant information.

Additional Information

In addition to the core tracking events, the following information may be collected on a per-device basis, periodically, or in specific scenarios:

Timezone OffsetThe current timezone offset of the user.
LanguagesThe user's preferred languages.
Device InfoInformation about the device, including its type (mobile, desktop, tablet), model, and manufacturer.
OSInformation about the operating system, including the platform, name, and version.
NavigatorInformation about the browser navigator, including its name, rendering engine, and version.
ScreenDetails about the device's display, such as the resolution, pixel depth, pixel ratio, orientation, and touch readiness.
GPUInformation about the device's GPU, including the vendor and rendering engine.
ConnectionInformation about the network connection, including the connection type (3G, 4G, etc.), downlink speed, and round-trip time (RTT).
PerformancePerformance metrics that provide details about the network requests, rendering, code execution, and memory usage throughout the Editor's usage.
ErrorsDetails about any application errors, including the error type, stack trace, and the current application state.